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NFT Wallet Security – How To Protect Your NFTs & Crypto

Let's face it–we've all seen absolute horror stories of people getting hacked and losing their assets. You may think, "I know how to take care of my assets–that'll never happen to me," or "I'd never click on something fishy"... but the truth is it's bound to happen eventually...


Art Blocks & Generative Art: A Silent Explosion of Growth

In recent weeks, there's been a silent explosion of growth across generative NFT art, fueled by experienced speculators looking to consolidate their ETH into safer bets amidst a major crypto retraction. Just recently, we saw Chromie Squiggles, Autoglyphs, Fidenzas, and Ringers, amongst many others, surge to new all-time-high levels. Yet...


A post-NFT NYC Sentiment Analysis: Azuki

This article is a response to the initial sentiment analysis I posted on Twitter on Apr 13th: Attention has become the new economy of web3. But no one talks about how to analyze that flow of attention other than "I see Azuki all over my feed". Here's your guide on...


NFT Bear Market Strategies

Bear markets: your chance to create substantial wealth and exponentially increase your position in crypto & NFTs. But how do you ACTUALLY do it, apart from "buy the dip" advice from your neighborhood influencers? In this complete guide, I will teach you the principles I use to get the most out...


Solana Summer: The Top 10 NFTs on Solana

Introduction: Solana – A Rising Contender To Ethereum’s NFT Landscape? Solana has recently gained traction amongst Ethereum NFT traders due to an OpenSea support activation, a fast-growing user base, and a vastly expanding DeFi framework. Not to mention, the Solana network also offers fast transactions, low network congestion, and low...


An Introduction To Sentiment Analysis: Azuki

Attention has become the new economy of web3, but no one talks about how to analyze that flow of attention other than "I see Azuki all over my feed". This is a guide on how to quantify the overall social sentiment of an NFT collection, using @AzukiOfficial as an example:...

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