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Unlock The Higher Levels of Life
We teach entrepreneurs how to grow extremely profitable online courses through a battle-tested and proven process known as The CREATE Framework™

Find your passion, gain articulate critical thinking skills, join an exclusive family of successful course-creators from all over the world, reprogram the way your mind works, and unlock the higher levels of life.

Level up your identity.

We help aspiring entrepreneurs get extremely clear on what they really want to do.
Our students are providing tremendous amounts of value, helping the world become a better place.

We convert genuine passion...

We show you how to convert your genuine passion into a wildly profitable, evergreen business, even if you've never built a business before in your life.

Most entrepreneurs dive into business with one reason in mind — to make money. But in today's game, if you don't start your business on a foundation of genuine energy and compassion, you're building on quicksand from the start. Genuine passion must be infused into the "DNA" of everything you do.

–Into aggressive cash-flow.

Through the Become Framework™, we demonstrate how to turn a fiery passion into a realistic opportunity for aggressive growth online. We utilize a unique digital model that unlocks exponential growth-potential from the start. Our process shows you how to create a thriving cash-flow business online, while also growing into higher levels of yourself—in both mind and heart.

Business — Simplified.

Learn to know, not to believe. 

Cognitive Reprogramming

We change the way our students view the world. 
The journey into the science of the mind equips them with a guide to human motivation, helping them better understand and overcome their limiting factors.

Find Your Passion

Most people who dive into business with the sole reason to "make money" end up creating cashflow, but not happiness. Our process guides you to create "happy money" around something you are truly passionate about.

Step-By-Step Guide To Success

Stop guessing and start knowing. We've broken down the secrets to success online, outlining every single step of the way through interactive exercises and the exact resources needed to kickstart your journey.

The Most Powerful Business Model

The name of the game has changed. The internet has altered the way we conduct business and attract clients. We're harnessing the power of automations and systems thinking to scale beyond measure.

Providing entrepreneurs with a framework for exponential cashflow.

We take you by the hand through our entire Become Framework™ — learn exactly what to do to reach your goals.
It doesn't matter if you're brand new to business or already making 8-figures, we've got you covered. 


Identify your current situation. Pinpoint your desired situation. Discover your truest passion. Plan your course of action.


Execute your plan. Create the realistic opportunity to achieve freedom with your passion, through the Become Framework™


Bring your exponential cashflow machine to life. Surf the waves. Transcend your identity. Become a higher level version of your self.

One framework to rule them all

The CREATE Framework™ is a unique framework made for transformation. It allows for upwards mobility in all aspects of life.

Most programs teach one particular segment of a whole, this creates entrepreneurs who are bound to fail. To succeed, you need to learn how to take control and become aware of everything that you are doing — both in life and business.

The Become Framework™ outlines sequential steps for true change:

1. Mental awareness — Raise awareness, overcome denial
2. Mental diagnosis — Engage in root cause diagnosis
3. Mission/Vision — Design, strategize, develop mental models
4. Action Plan — Turn vision into a realistic plan for execution
5. Scientific Method — Measure feedback, iterate accordingly

    Recode your mind, transform your business.

    Effective thinking is no mystery. It consists of practical skills anyone can learn, practice and improve. 
    We teach you every exact science behind critical thinking in the world of business.

    Higher level fundamentals

    Prime yourself to reach higher levels. Recode your mind with key paradigms for success, implant a 7-figure mindset, and embrace a new way of seeing the world.

    Finding your truest passion

    Figure out what fires you up and gets you going. What topic can you rant about for hours? What lights you up inside? What gets you thinking fast and really excites you? Let's start there.

    Designing your new character

    Identify your current situation and what limitations are holding you back from success. Then use that contrast to figure out exactly what desired situation you plan to achieve.

    Embodying your perfect customer

    Understand your audience better than anyone. Learn their deepest desires, fears, dreams, and goals, so you can speak directly to them in your marketing.

    Marketing from your heart

    Create truly genuine marketing material for your audience. Stumbling upon one of your ads should feel like finding a $100 bill on the ground. Pack the value, and leave the fluff at home.

    Finding your proof-of-concept

    Sell it before you build it. Your goal is to get your first few customers before you even build a single piece of your product. First obtain proof-of-concept, then scale it to the moon.

    How to "sell" without selling

    Everyone loves to buy, but hates to be sold. Learn how to genuinely "sell" your value to the market in a simple way, even if you've never sold anything before.

    Scaling your unique message

    Get more human eyeballs to see your proven message. Once you've got your proof of concept, simply spread it to more people through automated advertising.

    At Higher Levels, we cover everything from A to Z on how to quickly setup, launch and scale an online course to 7-figures+ sustainably and predictably.

    • Mental Awareness: Raising awareness and overcoming denial
    • Mental Diagnosis: Thorough diagnosis of problems and opportunities 
    • Finding Your Ideal Client: Finding your dream customers
    • Finding Your Niche: Reverse engineering your niche
    • Niche Competitiveness: Making sure your offer is competitive
    • Framework for Success: Plug-and-play with proven strategies 
    • Market resonance: Finding the burning desires of your customers
    • Market Validation: Validating your product with live market feedback
    • Project Management: Staying lean and agile by following expert-advice
    • Develop an MVP: Developing a minimum-viable-product quickly
    • Sell before you create: Sell and validate your offer before creating it
    • Business Fundamentals: Creating an LLC and structuring it properly
    • Marketing Mastery: Becoming a master marketer
    • Sales Mastery: How to convert strangers into high paying clients
    • Modeling Success: Identifying what separates the best from the rest
    • Recreate Success: Streamlining success by using a proven model
    • Create a Community: Creating a member's area portal
    • Prospect filtration: Filtering out unqualified leads
    • Facebook Ads Mastery: Mastering the art of directing paid traffic
    • Creating Your Websites: Setting up your funnel pages
    • Developing your product: Letting your customers pave the way
    • Automating Follow-up sequencesOptimize results with automations
    Learn from anywhere, at anytime.
    Access our e-learning portal from anywhere in the world, anytime you want.
    Online e-learning platform
    When you join The CREATE Framework™, you get access to our highly customized e-learning platform. We provide you with the 6 week training in multiple formats so that you can learn the way that best suits you. Emerge yourself in the full HD training videos and listen to the crystal clear MP3 recordings. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device anywhere in the world, anytime you'd like. 
    Masterclasses designed for life
    Move your success forward without putting your everyday life on hold. The CREATE Framework™ is designed for those who might be juggling several things at once.

    Want to go faster? No worries. With on-demand material, you can progress as fast as you'd like.
    Feel like you're at home, with our entrepreneur family
    Join an amazing family of entrepreneurs on theexact
    same journey as you. Entrepreneurship is extremely lonely when you'resurrounded by "average people" who just don't understand. Motivate yourself, get your questions answered, come up with amazing new ideas, make lifelong friends and have fun changing the world!
    Millionaire advice on demand
    Get one-on-one mentorship from multi-millionaire experts who canhelp guide you and fix any problem you may face on your journey towards success. 

    The CREATE Framework™ includes true lifetime access to two live weekly Q&A calls with Kris and Stephen themselves, recordings of all live Q&A's, and 24/7 support via email and the Higher Levels Facebook community. Once you're a part of the Higher Levels Family, you essentially have Kris, Stephen, and everyone on the Higher Levels team in your back pocket, to help you along every step of the way in your entrepreneurial journey.