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Transcending Your Current Reality.

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

When this game of entrepreneurship started for me, I had nothing but a big dream.

I had no understanding of "how" I’d create my dream life, or what to even do to get there.

I didn’t have a mentor, or any sort of path...

I just had this dream:

A dream where I didn’t have to slam an alarm clock every morning on someone else’s schedule.

A dream where I could travel the entire world in my short life, seeing what is out there with my own eyes.

A dream where I could endlessly explore, adventure, live, love, take risks, push my comfort zone, and inspire others to do the same thing.

Ever since I started my entrepreneurial journey back in 2012, I always knew that since I would never give up, I would no matter WHAT figure out how to get to that next level of my life, and how to live this dream as a reality, not just as an idea or a mentality...

Some things I didn’t quite yet understand though:

I couldn’t do it all on my own...

I couldn’t learn everything myself from books and free YouTube videos...

I couldn’t build something truly massive and world-changing without influencing others and building some sort of team to push it forward...

So after about 4 years of failing, spending 10s of thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it, I just couldn’t seem to figure out "why" I wasn’t having the success I desired so strongly.

It wasn’t until I finally had no other choice... I graduated college (barely), and it was time to either "get a job" or make this business thing work.

Of course, my friends and family didn't exactly see me at this point, as people see me now...

I was looked at as someone who couldn’t figure it out.

As the person who was too stubborn to "just give up and get a job"...

As the person who was headed for doom, because I simply just couldn’t quit on my dream.

I remember even my girlfriend at the time sitting me down and telling me:

"Look babe, you can just get a job now and then try and figure this thing out as you go. My family has connections they can help you get a job as a medical sales rep and you can make 6 figures."

To me, that actually seemed worse than death.

It sounds drastic, I know…

But it really seemed worse than death to think that I’d have to work for someone else, commit my life to somebody else’s vision, and basically give up all my hope for this dream of traveling the world, living like a rockstar and crushing business, creating massive worldwide impact…

I thought of the people I’d impact, how I’d be letting them down.

There was absolutely no way in fucking hell I was about to let this happen.

So, with my back against the wall, I remember having a negative bank account, and rent was coming up fast.

I couldn’t fail on paying my rent, because it would equal the ultimate failure in the eyes of everyone I cared about; my friends, my family, my girlfriend.

"Wow this guy can’t even pay his own rent, he’s too stubborn to quit and just get a job."

I was surrounded by basic people...

I was surrounded by people who didn’t believe in me.

Even my girlfriend at the time… The one person who I thought would have my back no matter what; she even started to give up on me.

With my heart breaking inside, and my mind racing going crazy trying to find the way, waking up in the middle of the night worrying about money and how I was gonna do it, I just knew if I didn’t figure it out I would be doomed to the life I dreaded…

It was at this point, I needed a mentor more than ever.

I couldn’t whole-heartedly consider the idea of a mentor, since I didn’t have any money to even spend.

However, that didn’t stop me.

I went out there and found the one person who seemed to have everything I wanted…

I reached out to him directly, and was actually able to get on the phone with him since we had a couple of mutual friends.

He helped me to realize that yes, indeed if I kept going down the same path with the same information, I would be doomed. I needed to start following the right information, and I needed a person who had what I wanted, to help me.

For me to hire him, he told me it would be just over $5,000.

And then my heart sunk.

"I’m actually doomed," I thought.

I remember having this black pit in my stomach, this sinking feeling, because in my mind I couldn't afford it, and that meant that now I’d have to accept getting a job and giving up on my dream; letting myself and everyone who I could help down.

However, he taught me something new on that call that I hadn’t considered before…

I learned about OPM (other people’s money) and how I could leverage a credit line to get started with him.

I didn’t even know that was possible. I was always taught, "Never use credit cards! And if you do, pay it right back afterwards! Don’t spend money you don’t have!"

Too bad everyone who ever told me that, didn’t have the life I wanted.

So I applied for a credit card, and was actually approved for just over $5000.

I was in shock. This absolutely changed EVERYTHING for me.

I knew this was my window, my one opportunity, to be able to make this work.

So, I took the leap, and I hired my first real mentor, Adam, for just over $5,000.

I began to immerse myself in the new information that would then change my life. He taught me how digital marketing worked. He introduced me to affiliate marketing. And before I knew it, I found my first high ticket digital product, where I could earn a $2,000 commission.

It wasn’t until a week before my rent was due that I really started to feel the pressure again...

I still hadn’t made any money, and I was starting to enter a state of semi-controlled panic.

It was at this point though, that I knew I had to Ascend...

I had to go from where I was, to the point where I wanted to be.

I had to rise up into a higher level of consciousness, into a stronger identity, and into the next level version of Me...

I remember thinking, "Shit… I made the investment, I took the risk, now how do I start crushing it? How do I transcend who I currently am, and step into who I really want to be?"

I realized immersion with my mentor was what I was lacking.

So I started speaking with him on a daily basis. I began asking more questions than ever before. And I FINALLY got a system up and running that created the realistic availability for me to start making high ticket commissions online.

Lo and behold, after beginning massive immersion, the FIRST DAY my system was up and running receiving traffic, I generated a $2,000 commission...

That one commission was enough for me to pay my rent for 3 whole months in advance.

I knew at this moment that, once I went 4+ years without making any real money, to making $2,000 in a single DAY, that I’d never EVER turn back.

Not only did I prove every single person who doubted me wrong…

But I went on that month to do $12,000+ dollars in profit.

What changed?

Here’s what it was…

I TRANSCENDED into a higher version of myself, through massive immersion with a person who had what I wanted.

That’s the key to massive, LASTING transformational change…

As soon as you can immerse yourself deeply around the person who has what you want, everything will change for you.

Always remember that (all cliche’s aside), your dreams are so possible. They are so damn possible.

Never ever give up on your dream. No matter who tells you you can't do it.

Just because someone loves us, doesn't mean they give us good advice. Remember that.

We've all only got One Life to live.

Let’s really make it count, every single day.

Much love,
-Stephen J. Esposito
Co-Founder of Higher Levels

Create your online business –– Create your legacy.

Create your online business — Create your legacy.