Here you’ll learn: Who I try to help, Why I do it, My Story, and How to contact me.

Who I try to help

I help aspiring, active, and experienced NFT traders (basically anybody who wants to or actively invests in expensive JPEGs) by introducing sound investment models to help them make better investment decisions. My primary focus above all else is to understand the new cutting-edge information in NFTs and break it down into simple models for you to understand.

Why I do it

Because there's an incredible revolution happening in the world of digital assets, and many want to be part of it. But they don't know how to get started, let alone how to improve and make better investment decisions.

They need someone who can help them. A helper. An opinion. A side companion who won't dump their bags on them with their biased opinions.

I make my information available for free because these are the guides and information I wish I had access to when I first got started in NFTs. Additionally, this serves as my own personal journal, investment compass, and everything I use to reflect back on to make better decisions when navigating the NFT market(s).

Is this actually FREE? No hidden upsells?

All of the content on is 100% free. There's no catch, and no hidden upsells.

My Story

Meanwhile many may be aware of who I am outside this blog, I have chosen not to publicly disclose my identity here for privacy reasons.

However, here's a little info about myself that I'm willing to share:

  • I'm a retired Olympian with a deep passion and love for web3
  • I bought my first crypto in 2014 and have been trading since 2016
  • I lost about 80% of my crypto net worth in the 2018 crash and spent hours on end after that to make sure it'd never happen again. I've since then rebuilt my portfolio and many times multiplied my position(s)
  • I've scaled several web2 businesses from a partner position and sold equity profitably.

So if you want to:

  • Learn more about the fundamental investment strategies & frameworks that drive long-term growth in NFTs
  • Spend much less time browsing Discord and Twitter to find useful information/advice on how to navigate the everchanging NFT market(s)
  • Become a better overall investor and more aware of the decisions you make and why
  • Gain sound actionable advice from someone who isn't looking to make you their exit liquidity

...then you're in the right place :)

Contacting Me

The best way to contact me is via email -

You can follow me on Twitter here.

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